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From small parts to large, Industrial Maintenance Welding & Machining Co., Inc. has been providing top quality precision manufacturing since 1974. Over the years we have developed into a high level welding facility, offering a wide variety of processes. At Industrial Maintenance, our team of experts provides MIG welding, sub arc, TIG, spot, hard surfacing, roll overlay, and brazing. We also provide free hand and positioner welding services, working on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum pieces in a diverse array of dimensions.

Our machinery accommodates parts up to 60′ in length, up to 25′ in width, up to 15′ in height, and up to 100 tons in weight. We have the ability to stress relieve and accurately test for weld integrity, hardness, and offer documentation that includes material certification, NDT test inspection reports, stress relief charts, and final inspection sheets. Our welding machines and stress relieve furnaces are calibrated on a yearly basis for optimum performance and reliability.  In addition to welding, our machinists can provide a full range of supplemental services from our advanced facilities. Some of these include milling, turning, sandblasting, painting, assembly, packaging, and much more. With our deep level of experience, we are proud to provide welding to numerous industries, including steel mills, oil & gas, mining, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. And our company makes quality a high priority, taking pride in our status as an ISO-compliant and ASME-certified business.

For more information about the various welding services available from Industrial Maintenance Welding & Machining Co., Inc. please contact our office directly.


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welding services



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